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IV/18 apartment80,17 m²

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Higher level

passage 2,56 m²
shower 6.18 m²
bedroom2 14.66 m²
0,85 m²

Lower level

living room 20,64(25,66)m²
dining room 2,72 m²
kitchen 3,68 m²
passage 6,20 m²
staircase 2,28 m²
chamber 0,72 m²
shower 2,69 m²
foreground 3,06 m²
bedroom1 11,84 m²


2 levels total:

80,17 m²


The Kategora Hungary's new project, the V14 is situated in a quiet area of the Vörösmarty Street, only a few blocks away from the Király Street, near the Erzsébet Boulevard, which is the busiest when it comess to theater life (Madách theater, Erkel Theatre, Opera), and the area is lively and eventful.

The constantly evolving VII. district is the most popular part of the capital amongst the investors. The property is ideally positioned not only for it's security, but extremely high returns may result to their holders.

The nearby streets are full of restaurants, and we come by craft shops and uniquity shops all around and many points of interest are within walking distance.

Public transport is excellent, Metro Line 2, 4-6 trams, trolleybuses are just a small walk away - and bus service between the Eastern and Western railway station is also within easy reach.

V 14



The first residents and the first working companies

Vörösmarty street 14 has always been a home for respectful citizens: Amongst their first residents we find merchants and industrialists, and with them, the Royal Hungarian Architects Office's regional department also operated in the building, under the management of Baranyay Gyula engineering councilman. On the ground floor, corresponding to the era's practices, business premises were established: among these you could find Antal Weber barber, István Szalai bar owner, Nándor Salamon tailor, and Izrael Grosz, József Skorepa, and Adolf Stern stonecrafter-industry owners as well.

We also need to mention Ferenc Collaud high school teacher as one of the first residents, who was a games master in the VII district high school (today: Madách Imre High School). Apart from teaching students he wrote several books about the importance of physical training and medical gymastics, and also he gained everlasting merits in the promotion of domestic football.

Theatres have always been in contact with the house in several indirect ways, and let's not forget about the press company operating in the building. The story links with Róbert Tábori journalist, the editor of Pesti Hírlap, the Magyar Ifjúság, and the editor of the Pesti Napló and the Új Idők magazines. Tutsek Anna wife of Tábori was a writer and translator, who was the favorite of the most conservative bourgeois audience. Their daughter, Piroska Tábori also wrote several popular children's books, and married Zoltan Závodszky opera singer.

The development of Outer-Erzsébetváros

The Budapest we know today, started to be formed after the reunification in 1873. Pest, Buda and Óbuda merged, and like other large European cities, large-scale development began, which, of course, was partly due to the Astro-Hungarian Compromise in 1867. Hungarian agriculture was one of the main pillars of the vigorous development of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, processing plants factories popped up in the capital one after another - just think about Haggenmacher mills and brewery.

Schütz Rezsõ's houses (planning and investments)

When we take a look at Vörösmarty street 14 back in time (in 1899), what immediately appears is its specialty: the decoration differs from its neighbors’, in addition, the other houses in the street are 2-story houses, and Vörösmarty 14 was designed with three levels. The style shows an excellent temporary taste of centennial Budapest: we can discover the effects of the Viennese Secession in addition to clear historical marks. The Devil/Pan-heads, garlands of fruits, owl above the gate, the female characters and the window tops decorated with knights’ helmets carry us away to a fairy-land world.

The House - the Schütz family lived in for a while - was sold in 1903 to Stein Nándorné Mogyorósy Katalin since they started a new project: they built one of the most characteristical, secessionist apartment buildings in Budapest on the March 15th square. Eskű Square 6. - today, March 15. square 6-7. (1903) - building has gone through many changes over the years, but has lots of interesting details.


A technical description of V14 condominium loft apartments

Weight carrier wall:

The new weight carrier walls were made of POROTHERM 30 cm bricks.

Apartment dividing walls:

30 cm wide sound-proof drywall will be installed.


in the staircase monolith ferro-concrete structured stairs are built between the 3rd and the 4th floor, in the apartments, the inner stairs are made with steel structure and hardwood cover, steel railing and with wooden handrails.

Outer windows:

wooden windows will be made for the facade by the indicated color and size, with 2 layers of heat keeping glass.


The heat necessity of the building is managed by fan coil system. The fan coil system / room has the building’s heating control room.


In the building there will be 7 new TV connection possibilities, and through that there can be 12 actual availability points. The existing system and the main cable’s connection is possible.


The doorbell system will be updated with the planned 7 new apartments. The needed cableing and wiring we keep on the development list, and the additional apartment phones are listed in the budget list.
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KATEGORA Real Estate

Investments and Consulting - International real estate investments with 8 years of expertise.

We offer our clients foreign investment options and management services, with professional integrated management tools. We are present in four countries with pioneering products. We have offices in Spain, Poland, Hungary and in the United Kingdom. We are at your disposal with more than 40 highly qualified professionals. We manage more than 800 properties in the world for more than 300 institutional and private investors. We are present in different areas such as the hotel industry and the retail sector. Currently we are managing four apartment hotels, a student hostel and hundreds of apartments.

Kategora Hungary provides access to their clients to a residential and commercial property management software QDEA. It is the world's leading asset management tool, similar added value have never been used before by customers.

Kategora Operations is a dedicated real estate investor for private investors and institutions alike. Its purpose is to assist clients with professional investment. The in-depth knowledge of Budapest's real estate market and with the expertise of Kategora Hungary’s professionals ensure that investors' real estate investment returns maximized.

The main objective of Kategora Hungary is to bring clients closer to their investments. On one hand each customer can keep in touch with the nearest client manager, regardless of the geographic location of their investments.
On the other hand, all property belongs to a local property manager, so the daily orders and execution can be carried out immediately.

KATEGORA Hungary Ltd.

Our company has eight years of experience in Hungarian real estate investment advisory and real estate operations. Within these business units we assist our customers primarily in their investment decisions to help them reach higher profit than the market average.

According to our investors requests, we control and manage the purchased properties for them, even in case of long term rentals or hotel management. In Budapest we manage properties in the V, VI, VII and the VIII, districts, our apartmenthotels are also located here.

In the past two years - seeing the domestic household needs - we launched our real estate construction business, with its own framework, several projects were carried out successfully, and we just started the latest project of Budapest, renovating and developing the Vörösmarty utca 14 apartmenthouse with stylish loft apartments on the top level and adding new floor to the existing building.

All those who choose us, become a partner of a well-established, fast-developing international group network. Through our Spanish parent company we are present also in Hungary, Spain, Poland and the UK.

For more information visit our website: www.kategora.com/hu_hu


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